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⚡ Lightning Network Megathread ⚡

Last updated 2018-01-29
This post is a collaboration with the Bitcoin community to create a one-stop source for Lightning Network information.
There are still questions in the FAQ that are unanswered, if you know the answer and can provide a source please do so!

⚡What is the Lightning Network? ⚡


Image Explanations:

Specifications / White Papers


Lightning Network Experts on Reddit

  • starkbot - (Elizabeth Stark - Lightning Labs)
  • roasbeef - (Olaoluwa Osuntokun - Lightning Labs)
  • stile65 - (Alex Akselrod - Lightning Labs)
  • cfromknecht - (Conner Fromknecht - Lightning Labs)
  • RustyReddit - (Rusty Russell - Blockstream)
  • cdecker - (Christian Decker - Blockstream)
  • Dryja - (Tadge Dryja - Digital Currency Initiative)
  • josephpoon - (Joseph Poon)
  • fdrn - (Fabrice Drouin - ACINQ )
  • pmpadiou - (Pierre-Marie Padiou - ACINQ)

Lightning Network Experts on Twitter

  • @starkness - (Elizabeth Stark - Lightning Labs)
  • @roasbeef - (Olaoluwa Osuntokun - Lightning Labs)
  • @stile65 - (Alex Akselrod - Lightning Labs)
  • @bitconner - (Conner Fromknecht - Lightning Labs)
  • @johanth - (Johan Halseth - Lightning Labs)
  • @bvu - (Bryan Vu - Lightning Labs)
  • @rusty_twit - (Rusty Russell - Blockstream)
  • @snyke - (Christian Decker - Blockstream)
  • @JackMallers - (Jack Mallers - Zap)
  • @tdryja - (Tadge Dryja - Digital Currency Initiative)
  • @jcp - (Joseph Poon)
  • @alexbosworth - (Alex Bosworth -

Medium Posts

Learning Resources


Desktop Interfaces

Web Interfaces

Tutorials and resources

Lightning on Testnet

Lightning Wallets

Place a testnet transaction

Altcoin Trading using Lightning

  • ZigZag - Disclaimer You must trust ZigZag to send to Target Address

Lightning on Mainnet

Warning - Testing should be done on Testnet

Atomic Swaps

Developer Documentation and Resources

Lightning implementations

  • LND - Lightning Network Daemon (Golang)
  • eclair - A Scala implementation of the Lightning Network (Scala)
  • c-lightning - A Lightning Network implementation in C
  • lit - Lightning Network node software (Golang)
  • lightning-onion - Onion Routed Micropayments for the Lightning Network (Golang)
  • lightning-integration - Lightning Integration Testing Framework
  • ptarmigan - C++ BOLT-Compliant Lightning Network Implementation [Incomplete]


Lightning Network Visualizers/Explorers



Payment Processors

  • BTCPay - Next stable version will include Lightning Network




Slack Channel

Discord Channel


⚡ Lightning FAQs ⚡

If you can answer please PM me and include source if possible. Feel free to help keep these answers up to date and as brief but correct as possible
Is Lightning Bitcoin?
Yes. You pick a peer and after some setup, create a bitcoin transaction to fund the lightning channel; it’ll then take another transaction to close it and release your funds. You and your peer always hold a bitcoin transaction to get your funds whenever you want: just broadcast to the blockchain like normal. In other words, you and your peer create a shared account, and then use Lightning to securely negotiate who gets how much from that shared account, without waiting for the bitcoin blockchain.
Is the Lightning Network open source?
Yes, Lightning is open source. Anyone can review the code (in the same way as the bitcoin code)
Who owns and controls the Lightning Network?
Similar to the bitcoin network, no one will ever own or control the Lightning Network. The code is open source and free for anyone to download and review. Anyone can run a node and be part of the network.
I’ve heard that Lightning transactions are happening “off-chain”…Does that mean that my bitcoin will be removed from the blockchain?
No, your bitcoin will never leave the blockchain. Instead your bitcoin will be held in a multi-signature address as long as your channel stays open. When the channel is closed; the final transaction will be added to the blockchain. “Off-chain” is not a perfect term, but it is used due to the fact that the transfer of ownership is no longer reflected on the blockchain until the channel is closed.
Do I need a constant connection to run a lightning node?
Not necessarily,
Example: A and B have a channel. 1 BTC each. A sends B 0.5 BTC. B sends back 0.25 BTC. Balance should be A = 0.75, B = 1.25. If A gets disconnected, B can publish the first Tx where the balance was A = 0.5 and B = 1.5. If the node B does in fact attempt to cheat by publishing an old state (such as the A=0.5 and B=1.5 state), this cheat can then be detected on-chain and used to steal the cheaters funds, i.e., A can see the closing transaction, notice it's an old one and grab all funds in the channel (A=2, B=0). The time that A has in order to react to the cheating counterparty is given by the CheckLockTimeVerify (CLTV) in the cheating transaction, which is adjustable. So if A foresees that it'll be able to check in about once every 24 hours it'll require that the CLTV is at least that large, if it's once a week then that's fine too. You definitely do not need to be online and watching the chain 24/7, just make sure to check in once in a while before the CLTV expires. Alternatively you can outsource the watch duties, in order to keep the CLTV timeouts low. This can be achieved both with trusted third parties or untrusted ones (watchtowers). In the case of a unilateral close, e.g., you just go offline and never come back, the other endpoint will have to wait for that timeout to expire to get its funds back. So peers might not accept channels with extremely high CLTV timeouts. -- Source
What Are Lightning’s Advantages?
Tiny payments are possible: since fees are proportional to the payment amount, you can pay a fraction of a cent; accounting is even done in thousandths of a satoshi. Payments are settled instantly: the money is sent in the time it takes to cross the network to your destination and back, typically a fraction of a second.
Does Lightning require Segregated Witness?
Yes, but not in theory. You could make a poorer lightning network without it, which has higher risks when establishing channels (you might have to wait a month if things go wrong!), has limited channel lifetime, longer minimum payment expiry times on each hop, is less efficient and has less robust outsourcing. The entire spec as written today assumes segregated witness, as it solves all these problems.
Can I Send Funds From Lightning to a Normal Bitcoin Address?
No, for now. For the first version of the protocol, if you wanted to send a normal bitcoin transaction using your channel, you have to close it, send the funds, then reopen the channel (3 transactions). In future versions, you and your peer would agree to spend out of your lightning channel funds just like a normal bitcoin payment, allowing you to use your lightning wallet like a normal bitcoin wallet.
Can I Make Money Running a Lightning Node?
Not really. Anyone can set up a node, and so it’s a race to the bottom on fees. In practice, we may see the network use a nominal fee and not change very much, which only provides an incremental incentive to route on a node you’re going to use yourself, and not enough to run one merely for fees. Having clients use criteria other than fees (e.g. randomness, diversity) in route selection will also help this.
What is the release date for Lightning on Mainnet?
Lightning is already being tested on the Mainnet Twitter Link but as for a specific date, Jameson Lopp says it best
Would there be any KYC/AML issues with certain nodes?
Nope, because there is no custody ever involved. It's just like forwarding packets. -- Source
What is the delay time for the recipient of a transaction receiving confirmation?
Furthermore, the Lightning Network scales not with the transaction throughput of the underlying blockchain, but with modern data processing and latency limits - payments can be made nearly as quickly as packets can be sent. -- Source
How does the lightning network prevent centralization?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
What are Channel Factories and how do they work?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
How does the Lightning network work in simple terms?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
How are paths found in Lightning Network?
Bitcoin Stack Exchange Answer
How would the lightning network work between exchanges?
Each exchange will get to decide and need to implement the software into their system, but some ideas have been outlined here: Google Doc - Lightning Exchanges
Note that by virtue of the usual benefits of cost-less, instantaneous transactions, lightning will make arbitrage between exchanges much more efficient and thus lead to consistent pricing across exchange that adopt it. -- Source
How do lightning nodes find other lightning nodes?
Stack Exchange Answer
Does every user need to store the state of the complete Lightning Network?
According to Rusty's calculations we should be able to store 1 million nodes in about 100 MB, so that should work even for mobile phones. Beyond that we have some proposals ready to lighten the load on endpoints, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. -- Source
Would I need to download the complete state every time I open the App and make a payment?
No you'd remember the information from the last time you started the app and only sync the differences. This is not yet implemented, but it shouldn't be too hard to get a preliminary protocol working if that turns out to be a problem. -- Source
What needs to happen for the Lightning Network to be deployed and what can I do as a user to help?
Lightning is based on participants in the network running lightning node software that enables them to interact with other nodes. This does not require being a full bitcoin node, but you will have to run "lnd", "eclair", or one of the other node softwares listed above.
All lightning wallets have node software integrated into them, because that is necessary to create payment channels and conduct payments on the network, but you can also intentionally run lnd or similar for public benefit - e.g. you can hold open payment channels or channels with higher volume, than you need for your own transactions. You would be compensated in modest fees by those who transact across your node with multi-hop payments. -- Source
Is there anyway for someone who isn't a developer to meaningfully contribute?
Sure, you can help write up educational material. You can learn and read more about the tech at You can test the various desktop and mobile apps out there (Lightning Desktop, Zap, Eclair apps). -- Source
Do I need to be a miner to be a Lightning Network node?
No -- Source
Do I need to run a full Bitcoin node to run a lightning node?
lit doesn't depend on having your own full node -- it automatically connects to full nodes on the network. -- Source
LND uses a light client mode, so it doesn't require a full node. The name of the light client it uses is called neutrino
How does the lightning network stop "Cheating" (Someone broadcasting an old transaction)?
Upon opening a channel, the two endpoints first agree on a reserve value, below which the channel balance may not drop. This is to make sure that both endpoints always have some skin in the game as rustyreddit puts it :-)
For a cheat to become worth it, the opponent has to be absolutely sure that you cannot retaliate against him during the timeout. So he has to make sure you never ever get network connectivity during that time. Having someone else also watching for channel closures and notifying you, or releasing a canned retaliation, makes this even harder for the attacker. This is because if he misjudged you being truly offline you can retaliate by grabbing all of its funds. Spotty connections, DDoS, and similar will not provide the attacker the necessary guarantees to make cheating worthwhile. Any form of uncertainty about your online status acts as a deterrent to the other endpoint. -- Source
How many times would someone need to open and close their lightning channels?
You typically want to have more than one channel open at any given time for redundancy's sake. And we imagine open and close will probably be automated for the most part. In fact we already have a feature in LND called autopilot that can automatically open channels for a user.
Frequency will depend whether the funds are needed on-chain or more useful on LN. -- Source
Will the lightning network reduce BTC Liquidity due to "locking-up" funds in channels?
Stack Exchange Answer
Can the Lightning Network work on any other cryptocurrency? How?
Stack Exchange Answer
When setting up a Lightning Network Node are fees set for the entire node, or each channel when opened?
You don't really set up a "node" in the sense that anyone with more than one channel can automatically be a node and route payments. Fees on LN can be set by the node, and can change dynamically on the network. -- Source
Can Lightning routing fees be changed dynamically, without closing channels?
Yes but it has to be implemented in the Lightning software being used. -- Source
How can you make sure that there will be routes with large enough balances to handle transactions?
You won't have to do anything. With autopilot enabled, it'll automatically open and close channels based on the availability of the network. -- Source
How does the Lightning Network stop flooding nodes (DDoS) with micro transactions? Is this even an issue?
Stack Exchange Answer

Unanswered Questions

How do on-chain fees work when opening and closing channels? Who pays the fee?
How does the Lightning Network work for mobile users?
What are the best practices for securing a lightning node?
What is a lightning "hub"?
How does lightning handle cross chain (Atomic) swaps?

Special Thanks and Notes

  • Many links found from awesome-lightning-network github
  • Everyone who submitted a question or concern!
  • I'm continuing to format for an easier Mobile experience!
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How I was scammed of 42.5 BTC last night.

(TL:DR - Escrow scam. Forums. DON'T DO IT!!!)
Morning Redditors,
This is the story of how I gave away over £12,000 of Bitcoins last night to a conman. I hope that it is a good read, up there with other true crime stories like The Hatton Garden Heist or Making of a Murderer but I can't promise crowbars let alone a murder. The real purpose of this story is to make sure no one else ends up being scammed like I did.
Two days ago I watched with my brother the escalation of Ethereum up into the night sky, a twinkling $2 star. We discussed making an investment in Eth as our mining operation at 126 MH/s didn't instill the same sense of excitement from the rising Eth price. What if we had not spent £900 on the rig but simply invested it at 90 cents. We'd surely be laughing now. Not watching tears puddle.
Now it isn't straight forward buying Eth, first you have to get some Bitcoin and then use that on an exchange site to get Eth. Being a tight arse I spent a long time googling how to get hold of Eth in the cheapest possible way without buying it for $2.2 or more. That's when...
Scanning the I spotted a guy who wanted to sell over 32,000 Eth. The dream was to be able to afford vanilla latte's whenever I went out. A mere 1000 Eth would be plenty...
Exhibit 1 This is the post I clicked on and private messaged the guy..
"I'll offer you 4.5 BTC for 1000 ETH". That's about $1.8 per ETH.
"I can sell you more 10k ETH for 42,5 btc if you want to buy." About $1.7 per ETH.
"Hmmm. I'm interested, but want to know a bit more. How would this transfer work? How do I know I won't get scammed :) Sorry. Thanks" Slap myself so hard it cuts my quivering lip
"It's ok and i respect yours question . We can use any escrow , also i have 15600 ETH and i will sell them all.Ok, escrow is ok for me."
"Ok. I've never used an escrow before, do you know a particular one that is good?"
" channel #ethereum DEV is Animazing , join here pls"
Exhibit 2
OK so it should be like on a submarine when the alarms go mental, all the internal cogs firing warnings. Yeah I obviously had a few doubts but the guy was so convincing and confident.. bloody con men.
-------- PART 2 --------
This is not easy to write. I'd prefer to simply forget and move on and not go on any holidays for a while.
You may have noticed how my initial 1000 ETH request turned into 10,000 ETH! Just like that. Hey, why not? We could sell it on almost immediately for more. OK. That's most of my savings but imagine the reward. And so easy. Easy money. If it looks to good... blah blah. bullshit.
So we're doing escrow. ESCROW. Someone mentioned that once somewhere, it's that safe way of transferring money via a middle mediator who makes sure both sides give him the money before he passes it on. Everyone is happy. And safe. I googled escrow naturally as I didn't know much about it. Still don't. But the fact is there wasn't an obviously site that jumped out and said "I look safe and modern, do escrow with me!". So I kindly asked the conman to recommend somewhere and he directed me to the chatrooms of Ethereum.
Fucking hell. Anyway on we go.
--- NEW SCENE: #ethereum ---
The guy StrongEth has the name 'Navigator' now. He directs me to a private chat room with a guy called @'Animazing. I have no idea who this is. I am reprimanded by @'Animazing for my ignorance. He is an Ethereum dev and forum moderator. Oops, I don't want to ruin the deal. I apologise for my ignorance. Navigator also apologises on my behalf and then tells me not to worry in our own private chatroom.
[19:07] <@Animazing> i/m Moderator [19:07] <@Animazing> and who are you ? [19:08] <+lifeofplum> I'm just a guy who wants to buy some eth [19:08] <+lifeofplum> Ok but I don't see what stops you running with our coins? [19:08] <@Animazing> Then go search who i'm [19:08] <@Animazing> before you say anything [19:09] <+Navigator> sorry man [19:09] <+Navigator> He don't know, he is new [19:09] <@Animazing> I don't care Navigator who is who [19:09] <+Navigator> i know [19:10] <@Animazing> He need to checked before he cross in Ethereum community [19:11] <@Animazing> [19:11] <@Animazing> ifeofplum [19:11] <@Animazing> [19:11] <@Animazing> FIRST READ [19:11] <+lifeofplum> look i'm going to need to do a bit of research, this is just going a bit too quick sorry [19:12] <@Animazing> https://redditjs.comanimazing [19:17] <@Animazing> So guys
To be honest I had no idea what these pgp images showed. But they looked legit to me.. Me. Who knows nothing about escrow or pgp. Dick head. Exhibit 3 - PGP link
My next quest was to get hold of 42.5 BTC. No easy task. Especially when you are not verified on any of the main sites. After a couple of hours deliberating and coming up with nothing I tell Navigator it is no good, maybe we can try again tomorrow. I was going to play a boardgame downstairs (Castles of Burgundy) so was quite happy to leave it there. Navigator says "try LocalBitcoins". The price was £293.46 per BTC and I would deal with a individual seller. Hmmm. I wasn't too sure about this. But I thought it seemed alright and could be done quickly so I went ahead. Doing it in two installments of 20 BTC and then 22.5 BTC .. to be safe!!!! Ha. Well it went perfectly well.
That was maybe another point where I got further sucked into his web. Now I had trusted one random guy on the internet and it had gone well. Why would I doubt Navigator? Eh?
The excitement was beginning to build. Imagine 10,000 ETH. Imagine when the price climbs higher. This is my moment. At the time I remember thinking.. "look back on this date as one of those days when your life changed". Oh god. The writing was on the wall in front of my face.
!!!ATTENTION: people have been impersonating Ethereum staff. Please note: we will NEVER advise you on an investment, ask for private keys etc. Be careful !!!
I even brought this up with Navigator..
"Yeah you have to be careful". We can trust @'Animazing though 100%."
Fuck a doodle do. Animazing gave me his bitcoin address. I send the 42.5 BTC to that address. He tells me to be patient, it can take up to 20 minutes to reach him. We wait 16 minutes exactly until it is confirmed.
[22:53] <@Animazing> i POST BTC address [22:53] <@Animazing> 1AA3DK4ru2musrEuduyg4dSofCieZteUAW [22:53] <+lifeofplum> ok [22:54] Ok 42,5 btc for 10000 ETH [22:54] <+lifeofplum> Right [22:54] <+lifeofplum> Sending now [22:54] <@Animazing> Ok [22:54] <+lifeofplum> Sent [22:55] <@Animazing> Ok [22:56] <@Animazing> waiting to confirmation [22:58] <+lifeofplum> how long does this normally take for transfer? [22:58] <@Animazing> still unconfirmed [22:58] <@Animazing> 20 min [22:59] <+lifeofplum> ok [23:12] <+lifeofplum> 1 confirmation i think [23:12] <@Animazing> yes , still waiting [23:18] <+lifeofplum> I see "3 confirmations" for the transaction in my wallet now [23:19] <@Animazing> wait pls [23:22] <@Animazing> 2 confirmation [23:22] <@Animazing> in the wallet [23:22] <@Animazing> just wait 1 more [23:32] == `Animazing [[email protected]/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client] [23:32] == Navigator [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
Hold on. Why did they both leave at exactly the same time? Stay calm, it's ok. Maybe the chatroom went down. But I was still here, other people too - enquiring about how to get their mining rig running in Geth. That black hole of doubt started sucking me in. Little by little until I was overcome. This cannot be. No way. There must be an explanation.
@Animazing was still in the forum but when I tried messaging him I was told he way away. Hmm. Why had he suddenly disappeared? Surely everything would be OK - if he were a main dev of Ethereum he couldn't run away. THINK.
Navigator had sent that pgp image and there was an email address for one Jeffrey Wilcke. I googled him, he was definitely a real person. Everything would be fine. I could hunt him down in Amsterdam on my bicycle if need be. So I emailed him. No reply.
Found Animazing on Reddit - "Where are you? We were in the middle of escrow."
Found Ethereum on Facebook - Private message "Do you know Animazing? I need to speak to him asap."
What to do? Had I really just lost £12,748? Cycling through the stages of grief.
Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression...
Surely someone would know Animazing in the chatrooms. I spammed everyone. You know when you exert yourself or find yourself really panicked and high on adrenaline, and you just don't care about anything - no inhibitions. Well now I was at this point. Someone needed to tell me something. Finally some guy called kopykat seemed a bit wise to the situation..
"What was his name exactly?" he asked.
"Can you copy and paste it?"
"Well that isn't Animazing. Do you see the '? It's a fake account. An impersonator."
The final torpedo had hit. The submarine was going to rest on the bed, the people resigned to be entombed for eternity among the fishes. ANGER. HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID?
PART 3 - Today. 25th January. After the night before.
An awful night of anxiety, there was no cold side to the pillow anymore. At around 9am I received an email from an Ethereum developer - the real Animazing - who I had Facebooked last night:
"I'm afraid you got scammed. I have never done nor will I ever do an escrow."
Bargaining. It can't have been for nothing. As I rolled sweaty in the night head spinning like the stars above I thought about how this could possibly be a positive thing in my life. I would sell my story and make my money back! HA. Nope, that would mean everyone would know how much a fool I am. I don't want to be a fool to the world. I can keep that to myself.
Maybe this is my way in to a job at Ethereum? Some people do actually have to pay for internships these days. Nope, it is time to be realistic and go and chop some wood. It won't know what hit it.
The final stage of grief hit me late this morning: Acceptance.
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CFP Bitcoin Scalability Workshop (Sept 12-13), Montreal Canada | Pindar Wong | Aug 11 2015

Pindar Wong on Aug 11 2015:
Bitcoin Scalability Workshops
In recent months the Bitcoin development community has faced difficult
discussions of how to safely improve the scalability and decentralized
nature of the Bitcoin network. To aid the technical consensus building
process we are organizing a pair of workshops to collect technical
criteria, present proposals and evaluate technical materials and data with
academic discipline and analysis that fully considers the complex tradeoffs
between decentralization, utility, security and operational realities. This
may be considered as similar in intent and process to the NIST-SHA3 design
process where performance and security were in a tradeoff for a security
critical application.
Since Bitcoin is a P2P currency with many stakeholders, it is important to
collect requirements as broadly as possible, and through the process
enhance everyone’s understanding of the technical properties of Bitcoin to
help foster an inclusive, transparent, and informed process.
Those with technical interest are invited to participate in this pair of
workshops with the following intent:
Phase 1: Scene setting, evaluation criteria, and tradeoff analysis.
Montreal, Canada: September 12th-13th, 2015
Scalability is not a single parameter; there are many opportunities to make
the Bitcoin protocol more efficient and better able to service the needs of
its growing userbase. Each approach to further scaling the Bitcoin
blockchain involves implicit trade offs of desired properties of the whole
system. As a community we need to raise awareness of the complex and subtle
issues involved, facilitate deeper research and testing of existing
proposals, and motivate future work in this area.
The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the general tradeoffs and
requirements of any proposal to scale Bitcoin beyond its present limits.
Session topics are to include the presentation of experimental data
relating to known bottlenecks of Bitcoin’s continued growth and analysis of
implicit tradeoffs involved in general strategies for enabling future
This event will not host sessions on the topic of any specific proposals
involving changes to the Bitcoin protocol. Such proposals would be the
topic of a 2nd, follow-on Phase 2 workshop described below; this event is
intended to “set the stage” for work on and evaluation of specific
proposals in the time between the workshops.
Phase 2 will be planned out further as part of Phase 1 with input from the
Phase 2: Presentation and review of technical proposals, with simulation,
benchmark results.
Hong Kong, SAR, China: TBD Nov/Dec 2015
Hopefully to be easier for the Chinese miners to attend, the second
workshop pertaining to actual block size proposals is to be planned for
Hong Kong roughly in the late November to December timeframe.
The purpose of this workshop is to present and review actual proposals for
scaling Bitcoin against the requirements gathered in Phase 1. Multiple
competing proposals will be presented, with experimental data, and compared
against each other. The goal is to raise awareness of scalability issues
and build a pathway toward consensus for increasing Bitcoin’s transaction
processing capacity or, barring that, identify key areas of further
required research and next steps for moving forward.
Preliminarily, Phase 2 will be a time to share results from experiments
performed as a result of Phase 1 and an opportunity to discuss new
How do the Workshops work?
Both events will be live-streamed with remote participation facilitated
via IRC for parallel online discussion and passing questions to the event.
These workshops aim to facilitate the existing Bitcoin Improvement
Proposals (BIP)[1] process. Most work will be done outside of the workshops
in the intervening months. The workshops serve to be additive to the design
and review process by raising awareness of diverse points of view, studies,
simulations, and proposals.
Travel, venue details, and accommodation recommendation are available at Registration begins August 12th at an early-bird
ticket price of $150 USD until September 3rd. The ticket prices do not come
close to covering the venue expense and travel subsidies, hence the need
for corporate sponsors.
Please see the FAQ at which should answer most other
Travel Subsidies for Independent/Academic Researchers
There will be an application process for independent or academic
researchers to apply for travel assistance to help cover the expense of
airfare and hotel fees up to $1,000 per qualified presenter who intends to
give a presentation. The four underwriters of this event have agreed to
jointly review applications and cover the travel subsidies for qualified
presenters. See for details.
Sponsors of the Montreal Workshop
The first workshop is hosted and with logistics handled by the Montreal
consultancy CryptoMechanics <>.
The Underwriters jointly responsible for venue expenses and researcher
travel subsidies are currently the MIT Digital Currency Initiative,
Chaincode Labs, Blockstream, and
Current sponsors include: Cryptsy, BitcoinTalk, Final Hash, Blockstream,
MIT DCI, Chaincode Labs, IDEO Futures, Kraken, and
Additional sponsors are needed. Please see for
sponsorship details or contact me directly via < pindar dot wong at >
Online Workshop Resources
Bitcoin-Workshops-Announce list
Bitcoin-Workshops discussion list
#bitcoin-workshops chat on the Freenode IRC network
Call for Proposals/Papers/Presentations
If you have any research relevant to issues surrounding Bitcoin
scalability, your proposal for a presentation at the Montreal workshop
would be most welcome. Please see for submission
Pindar Wong
Chair, Montreal Workshop Planning Committee
Chairman, VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd.
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There are lots of nice communities on IRC with rooms for discussing various topics and people giving free support for problems

You can access the Freenode IRC channel through your web browser here:
Channels begin with # and you can specify multiple ones using a , between them. i.e #bitcoin, #electrum, #coinbase
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BITCOIN BROKE OUT!!! CHAT WITH DAVINCIJ15!!! ARE WE SEEING A DEAD CAT BOUNCE ?!? MUST WATCH!!! Chatting With Viewers + Talking Bitcoin (BTC) - YouTube 24/7 Live Bitcoin (BTC) Price and Significant Trades - YouTube Casa Node - Using Bitcoin Lightning Payments Bitcoin NodeJS Part 1 - Hello World

IRC channels are the special chats which are used by people to discuss any topics. Most of the following Bitcoin-related IRC channels are available on Freenode. bitcoin-dk freenode Chatraum - 3 Besucher - vor 93 Minuten - aktuelles Topic: Bitcoin talk, trading, and mining for Danes. Danske services: sælger Bitcoins mod bankoverførsel eller kontant betaling. - integrerer Bitcoin som betalingsmulighed i din webshop eller fysiske butik. Kategorie: Bitcoin Dänemark Chaträume Проверьте, работает в данный момент или нет, и есть ли другие проблемы с доступом. Что делать, если недоступен? You have stumbled upon the Kiwi Webchat for the freenode project. To learn more about the freenode IRC network, the freenode #live conference and other freenode projects head over to our website.our website. Appchat: bitcoin freenode Chat Room - 565 users - 32 minutes ago - known since 2011-04-18 - current topic: Bitcoin 0.20.1 bitcoinwiki dot org is a PHISHING SCAM Price chat > #bitcoin-pricetalk Trade #bitcoin-otc Rules Most wallets sell your info and lie Web wallets steal!

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USING ASTROLOGY TO PREDICT PRICE OF BITCOIN (W. D. GANN) - Duration: 9:48. The Blockchain Today 1,259 views. New; 9:48. BITCOIN BROKE OUT!!! CAN IT HOLD?!? DON'T MISS THESE SIGNS!!! - Duration: 9 ... 24/7 Live Bitcoin Price and BTC Significant Trades This stream shows the Bitcoin Price, BTC Price on global exchanges, and BTC trading! This is an automated ... Bitcoin Live Trading. Trading BTC USD With Crypto Trading Robot DeriBot for Deribit Exchange. Trading BTC USD With Crypto Trading Robot DeriBot for Deribit Exchange. Deribot Bitcoin NodeJS Tutorial. Intro to NodeJS including installation, creating a basic http server, and fetching the current bitcoin price. Multistreaming with Donations are appreciated but not necessary. Please keep in mind they are non-refundable.